Small businesses and their IT questions

We know lots of people have questions on all things techie so we were delighted to support a Twitter Derbyshire Hour with their follower’s questions.

Here’s a roundup of what we talked about:


Q1 – I’ve never thought about using Cloud apps for my business, so have no idea how they can help me. What are the top benefits?

A1 – Definitely the tip-top benefit is that most services out there like Microsoft 365 are setup using the apps you already know like Outlook, Word, PowerPoint, Excel etc. But has a maintenance free, ‘Work Anywhere’ setup, without having to have a PhD in computers!


Q2 – Spam e-mails are getting more convincing these days. What should I be on the lookout for to help identify these dodgy e-mails?

A2 – One rule I always say in getting dodgy e-mails. ALWAYS check who it is from. If you’re not expecting an e-mail from the named person, or the address just doesn’t look right… don’t take any chances! Sounds a bit “tin-foil hat” but I can’t stress enough that it’s better safe than sorry!


Q3 – I have to ask…in a single Tweet…can you let us know…what IS a Spundle!?

A3 – Ooh, well I should direct you to a video I made that you can watch here

A SPUNDLE is simply combination of SpudIT and IT Bundle; It covers not just your IT support, but the software every business needs on a day to day basis to run and stay secure


Q4 – How are you working with your clients at the moment given that face-to-face meetings are a bit of a problem still?

A4 – Now I love a good meeting in person, but because of lockdown or general restrictions. or recently working companies abroad. I am a #MSTeams advocate for sure. Using the video function, but then linking up shared files, and a quick chat, makes it SO easy.


We’re always happy to ask questions, you can ask them to us via Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn (make these urls to business sites to click on)